Reverse Code Engineering

逆向工程代码 обратная код машиностроения

Reverse Code Engineering

逆向工程代码 обратная код машиностроения

Reverse Code Engineering

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File Protection

    A range of features and technologies to help protect the executable file from hacking, analysis, modification and disassembly. A Virtual Machine technology enables part of the application and protection code to be executed in its own virtual CPU, which makes the code practically impossible to analyze.

 Licensing System

    The licensing system allows prompt integration of registration key verification functions, binding license to a specific computer, limiting the term of license. Rich functionality of the licensing system allows you to create your own key generators and to use the built-in or easily customizable CGI key generators.

 Virtual Box

    The unique technology which allows combining the files used by your application into a single module without loss of efficiency. This function supports all kinds of files, including dll, ocx, mp3, avi, etc. Virtual Box will protect your files and prevent them from being copied and used in third-party products.

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